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Judge Bell - Georgia Flag Facts Anthony Hervey: Black Confederates Charles Lunsford
the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) - Marilyn Gilhuly Chickamauga  - Day One Combat
Heritage TV Music Video   Columbia Battle Flag Rally Chickamauga - Day Two Combat  
Robert E. Lee H K Edgarton - Heritage Not Hate Secret World of American Communism
Venona - WWII Soviet Code Intercepts   War Dogs Memorial Philosophy of Secession
Was the War over Slavery? Abe Lincoln - Savior or Killer Hunley
H K Edgarton
Southern Legal Resource Center

New Composite Tape

We have created these tools to showcase our best people and make the job of preserving our heritage a bit easier. Our shows run the gamut of long studio produced interviews to highly edited field shot material of major heritage events. We are offering two hours of some of our best shows on this new membership tape by using the $10 gift certificate. This is being provided via your heritage product vendor who is helping us and you to inexpensively get the word out on what we have been doing. We are non profit, struggling to keep both series going and adding more stations, and need your support. The first step is to become a member and see some of our best work. We'll include a catalogue of our other shows along with expansion plan.

Our new member tape has three great shows. First up (Jim Dean Journal) is the famous Lee/Jackson birthday ceremony held at the Georgia State Capitol, during the big flag fight in 2001. IT features 3000 chilly Confederates marching to the capitol to hear J.J. Johnson, Ga. Div. Cmdr. Alan Trapp, SCV National Cmdr.______, the lovely Anna Lee CarrdeMusio, representing the Confederados of Brazil, ______(NC guy), Charles Lunsford, and a SCV national orator winner Rev. John Killian from Sweet Home Alabama (sp). At one hour long this is a collectors item and a Yankee converter J It will demonstrate how powerful the one hour format can be.

Next up is this the half hour 'Dixie Rising' show we did at the Columbia Battle Flag Rally in 2000, our first field shoot. It starts out at the great cemetery ceremony, catches the parade and ends with the first part of the main ceremony. The shots we took from the top of the capitol steps of 12,000 Confederates marching up Main Street will give you goose bumps, as it did us. Our field test viewing have show the public is amazed to see this outpouring of Confederate heritage. As you may know, the media folks never showed the crowd size, and you will see why.

And last up is another Dixie Rising Show we did on the Stone Mountain Flag fight in 2001, where the new first black mayor had a jail house work crew destroy a flag pole the local camp had erected in the unknown Confederate section. We start out at a press conference at the Federal Bldg.where the SCV got a court injunction against the mayor. Next comes H.K. Edgerton and Dan Coleman smoozing the press at the Stone Mtn Memorial Day ceremony|and then H.K's rousing speech to the big crowd.

This is the longest, most power packed Confederate Heritage video that we know of in existence. Many of you have seen our shows from tapes or from our Channel 25 broadcast over AT&T Broadband. If you had to pick one two hour tape to convert someone, which would it be? - Jim Dean

* List of Heritage TV tapes available *

Requested Donation: $12 each

Tape #1

 “History of the Southern Heritage Warswith Charles Lunsford  [60]
    Georgia Flag Facts 2000 with Judge John Sammons Bell,
        Gov. Ernest Vandiver and Rep. Allan Powell  [60]

          “Charles Lunsford offers his rare insight into the history of the
          Southern heritage wars. Hear how the GA Black Caucus asked for and received
          a trade off of Jefferson Davis' birthday for MLK Day in a tremendous display
          of racial conciliation by their white counterparts...and then stabbed them in
          the back the following year with the first bill to change the state flag.
          Judge Bell describes how, as a young boy, he got the idea for incorporating
          the Battle Flag into the state flag. Gov. Vandiver reveals how the bill to
          remove all segregation laws passed with an overwhelming
          majority...destroying the myth of massive white legislative resistance.”

Tape #2

Jim Dean Journal - H. K. Edgerton,
 Past Pres. Asheville, NC  NAACP Chapter Heritage not Hate
   Southern Legal Resource Center Parts I  [60] and II  [60]

          “HK shares his amazing journey from NAACP chapter president to
          Confederate Heritage activist extroadinaire...mapping his incredible odyssey
          all over the South fighting Confederaphobia. Insights too numerous to
          mention. The ending has a wonderful portrait of our murdered Eddie Page,
          III, associate black SCV member, with his mother.”

Tape #3

Dixie Rising: Anthony Hervey: Black Confederates I & II [60]
Jim Dean Journal: H.K.Edgerton, Past Pres. Asheville, NC  NAACP
“Heritage not Hate” - Southern Legal Resource Center - Show 1  [60]

“Black Confederate Anthony Hervey shares his rejection of affirmative
          action and how it undermines race relations. In Show #2 he displays his CSA
          ancestor mess kit, canteen and bible cover and describes how the liberals
          play the race baiting game between Southern whites and blacks. The first HK
          Edgerton show follows, offering both these black Confederates on one tape.”

Tape #4

Dixie Rising: Marilyn Gilhuly - the UDC [30]
Jim Dean Journal: Gilhuly - the DAR and the Daughters of 1812 [60]
Chickamauga  - Day One Comba plus Heritage TV Music Video [30]

          “Our first show...Marilyn Gilhuly leads off on the UDC, then follows in
          a later Jim Dean Journal one hour show introducing the DAR and Daughters of
          1812. Never before seen Chickamauga Day One combat footage and our first
          heritage music video wrap things up.”

Tape #5

Jim Dean Journal: Prof. Harvey Klehr, Emory University
The Secret World of American Communism” [60]
Venona - WWII Soviet Code Intercepts  [60]

“Different version of the GA flag change story leading off, followed by our first half hour of the
Columbia 2000 Battle Flag Rally, a definite collector's item.
Chickamauga Day One follows again with our first music

Tape #6

        Jim Dean Journal: “Georgia Flag Facts 2000” with
Judge John Sammons Bell, Gov. Ernest Vandiver and Rep. Allan Powell [60]
              Columbia Battle Flag Rally [30]
 Chickamauga - Day One Combat with Heritage TV Music Video [30]

          “Jim Dean and Harvey Klehr rip one of the radical liberal myths to
          shreds using Soviet archive material that reveals that many of the
          accused CPUSA members were actually spies...AL Gore mentor
          Armand Hammer included. A great example of how archival material
          can be used to defeat the heritage hate crowd lies and propaganda.”

Tape #7

Jim Dean Journal: War Dogs Memorial Doc-U-Ceremony [60]
Columbia Battle Flag Rally [30]
 Chickamauga - Day Two Combat with Heritage TV Music Video [30]

          “Our first major veteran's tape, leading off with our moving
          doc-u-ceremony honoring all the war dogs that saved so many
          American lives. Steven Ambrose is the main speaker. The
          Columbia 2000 battle flag rally follows along with Chickamauga
          Day Two combat footage. Don't miss the charge at the end and
          our heritage music video.”

Tape #8

Dixie Rising: Prof. Donald Livingston, Emory University
Philosophy of Secession Parts I[30] and “Was the War over Slavery?”II [30]
D. R.: Atty. Sam  Dickson -Abe Lincoln - Savior or Killer”  Parts I and II

          “This four show tape was designed to be used as a guest speaker for
          heritage group meetings. Don Livingston details the philosophy of secession
          and destroys the myth of the War being over slavery. Atlanta attorney Sam
          Dickson exposes the true Abe Lincoln in shocking detail.

                 * HERITAGE TV - VIDEO ORDERS *
To obtain copies of the shows, email us or call 850.566.2336

    Jim Dean - Heritage TV